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Rahman, Mostafizur ; Hasan, Monjurul ; Hossain, Alamgir ; Kabir, Zahangir


Stankiewicz, Janina - red. nacz. ; Preston, Peter- red. jęz. ; Zmyślony, Roman - red. statyst. ; Skalik, Jan - red. ; Moczulska, Marta - red. ; Adamczyk, Janusz- red.


Consequences of bullying on university students in Bangladesh

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Management, vol. 25 (2021)

Subject and Keywords:

HEIs ; higher education ; students ; bullying ; symptom ; academic achievements ; Bangladesh ; uczelnia wyższa ; szkolnictwo wyższe ; zastraszanie ; objawy ; osiągnięcia naukowe ; Bangladesz


Bullying at university is a pervasive phenomenon that has negative outcomes on the psychological and actual wellbeing of students, their success and achievement. The examination expected to research the consequences of bullying on university level students. A self-administrated survey was planned by the exploration goals and theories. The sample size consists of 380 students randomly selected from different faculties of a public university in Bangladesh. ; The questionnaire was coded and analyzed using SPSS-AMOS-24 and descriptive analysis, exploratory factor analysis (EFA), confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) and structural equation modeling (SEM) were used for data analysis. The results of the study indicated that bullying exists at the university and affects student`s academic achievement and success, either by victims or the bullies. The bullied students resolved unpleasant situations using active or passive responses. ; This study discovers the causes and consequences of students bullying and gives suggestions to the students, university administration and parents of students on how to solve this problem. The study also helps prevent bullying by educating student about their rights, providing students with confidential way to report bullying, encouraging bystanders by to take immediate actions, such as speaking up and reporting the incident and emphasizing the importance of family involvement. ; This study has recommended that teachers and the university administration need to take different measures to reduce bullying. Teachers may coordinate with and talk to the bully`s students. Teachers, university administration, and NGOs can seta few projects for menaces to alleviate the university bullying. Moreover, the government should take legal action to prevent bullying. Therefore, the desirable application of the results of this research reality makesa valuable contribution to development at the national level.


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Management, vol. 25, no 1 (2021)




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