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Kulka, Bronisława


Pasterniak, Wojciech (1935-2018 ) - red.


Z dziejów polonistyki szkolnej. Stypendyści Towarzystwa Pomocy Naukowej dla Młodzieży Prus Zachodnich o polskich pisarzach romantycznych = From the history of polish studies at school. The students granted scholarship of the Association for Promoting the Studies of the Youth of West Prussia on Polish romantic writers

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Dydaktyka Literatury, 12

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Towarzystwo Pomocy Naukowej dla Młodzieży Prus Zachodnich ; język polski - nauczanie


The Society for Educational Aid to the Youth of Western Prussia was active since 1848 ti1l 1920. Its aim was to give financial help to the young Polish learners who were to become the inteligentsia and the professional craft in the future. Those who were helped by the Society were obliged to make satisfactory progress in learning as well as to master the Polish and the German language ; This was conditioned by the political situation of Poles in the Prussian sector of partitioned Poland, where the germanizing activities were ever increasing. Numerous compositions, which were presented to the Society by the learners and have been preserved till the present time on its files, prove that the young people - using various forms of expression, e. g. description, short story, precis, characterization, argumentative writing, analytical sketch - wrote about all major representatives of the pre-romantic and the romantic periods in Poland. ; Among them, they regarded Adam Mickiewicz as the most Outstanding writer and the highest authority, yet they didn't forget the merits of Kazimierz Brodziński, Juliusz Słowacki, Antoni Malczewski and Bohdan Zaleski, either. The compositions also dealt with the generational contest between the romantic and the classicist writers, the characterization of the literature from the Poznań district and the works of some minor writers as J. N. Jaśkowski, W. Pol, W. Syrokomla and S. Garczyński. The learners judgement on the representatives of Polish literature of that period is usually of little originality. Nevertheless, taking into account their emotional character and the ideals they propagated, the works of the romanticism appear to be close to the young.


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Dydaktyka Literatury, tom 12




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