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Kulka, Bronisława


Pasterniak, Wojciech (1935-2018 ) - red.


O nowy kształt edukacji literackiej w szkole średniej (dyskusje i polemiki w latach 1870-1918) = For the new form of literal education in secondary school (discussion and polemica in 1870-1918)

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Dydaktyka Literatury, 10

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dydaktyka literatury ; szkolnictwo ponadpodstawowe ; Polska ; 19-20 w.


The years 1870-1918 on the teritorries anexed by Prussia and Russia after partition of Poland meaned a very difficult situation of learning Polish becouse in this time the occupants'goverments increased the denationalization actions against Poles. Only Galicia had some autonomy sa Polish was learnt at schools and futhermore Polish was officialy used there as an explanation language. The characteristic marks of the situation there were the increased dissatisfaction and crtitics of school programmes what in consequence realized the necessit of reforms. It was the subject of press articles, of meetings and the polenary meetings of teachers' groups. ; Looking for the new ways was increased especially just before and after the revolution of 1905. The general theme of discussions was the problem of learning Polish. The following subjects were discussed there: time of learnig Polish, programmes at schools, the main aim and methods of Learning, the scope and selection of reading matters, the books for literal education and the dilemma what was more important: history of literature or the reading of masterpieces of literatur ; The means of optimalization of learning Polish and Polish literature which was most usefull were looking for, too. It was pointed out that the necessity of better education of teachers was a very important one. During all the discussions it was stressed out the role of learning Polish is a very important one, especially for education and upbringing of young people. It was recommended to expose the matters which could have an influence for pupils'personality. Becouse of the known political situation in Poland and new trends in Art the patriotism and nationality and etics and aesthetics were preferable in education.


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Dydaktyka Literatury, tom 10




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