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Magnuszewska, Zofia


Pasterniak, Wojciech (1935-2018 ) - red.


O nauczaniu literatury we Francji = About teaching literature in France

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Dydaktyka Literatury, 8

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dydaktyka literatury ; Francja


The model of a modern school nowadays, its function in society and also the development of civilization exert an influence on the aims and the selection of the content and methods of teaching literature at school France, a country with a particularly high standard of literary education, was the place where the changes introduced in the 60's and connected with the reorganization of the educational system on any level, stimulated a very animated discussion among scholars as well as teachers. ; The author of this article presents the position and meaning of literature in the educational system, analysing the textbooks, the syllabuses on teaching literature in secondary schools and colleges as they were introduced in 1970, and referring to the research work findings and results of the questionnaire shared among pupils and students of French studies. Integrative understanding of literary output as well as other forms of artistic creativity such as art, music, films, television and radio programmes; the onsideration of diachronic and synchronic aspects in the selection of a work of art helps in accomplishing the aims particularized in a syllabus as meant to develop personality of a modern man, to improve his taste and sensibility and to teach him how to participate actively in the interhuman communication. ; To achieve this goal new methods and techniques of work have been introduced. Presenting these, the authot refers to syllabuses, manuals, papers and material from congresses which have been devoted to this subject. The above article confirm us in our belief that the problem of literary education in France which is still being discussed is of great importance for the schooling and the whole society.


Zielona Góra: Lubuskie Towarzystwo Naukowe ; Zielona Góra: Wyższa Szkoła Pedagogiczna ; Zielona Góra: Kuratorium Oświaty i Wychowania



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Dydaktyka Literatury, tom 8




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