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Nowakowski, Jan


Roenig, Jan - tł.


Moment sztuki w nauczaniu literatury = The factor of art in teaching literature

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Dydaktyka Literatury, 5

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literatura polska - nauczanie


The author underlines the creative factor (root) as essential for the process of teaching in general, a factor which often comes near to art, what confirms the expression appearing in pedagogical literature: "The Art of Teaching". This value is a derivation (function) of the teacher's individuality, whereas this individuality is the fundamental factor in pedagogical influence as well as in the very didactic process. ; This general truth refers in a particularly high and conclusive degree to the tuition of literature. It is influenced by the very character of the subject, the creation of a piece of literary work, in general, a work af art. Teaching literature daes not restrict oneself to cognitive tasks; the cognition of literary works is closely connected with emotional factors,with ethical experiences and because of the very nature of the subject, with aesthetic experiences. ; The essential task of a lesson of literature is the pravocation of an aesthetic experience adequate to the subject of perceptian. In the construction and course of the perception important is the real personality of the teacher, the individualities of the pupils who are co-originators of the lesson as well as subjects to the lesson's effect. The teacher's individuality and his creative talent reveals itself in the composition of the lesson and in the very interpretation of the literary work. ; A lesson is like a drama with the pupils as actors and the teacher as co-actor and in first line as stage-manager. Schemes impased from the outside must be discrepant with the appearing creative factor of a now and then artistic nature.


Zielona Góra: Lubuskie Towarzystwo Naukowe ; Zielona Góra: Wyższa Szkoła Pedagogiczna ; Zielona Góra: Kuratorium Oświaty i Wychowania



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Dydaktyka Literatury, tom 5




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