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Bosy, Grzegorz


Skobelski, Robert (1968- ) - red.


Krajobraz kulturowy wsi północnego Śląska w świetle map Christiana Friedricha von Wredego z połowy XVIII wieku = The cultural landscape of the village of northern Silesia on the maps of Christian Friedrich von Wrede from the mid-eighteenth century

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Studia Zachodnie, 17

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czasopismo ; czasopismo akademickie ; Ziemie Zachodnie ; stosunki polsko-niemieckie ; pogranicze polsko-niemieckie ; historia


Maps of the Prussian engineer, Christian Friedrich von Wrede were inaccessible to scholars of history and geography of Silesia for nearly 150 years. Maps material, designed for military purposes, was heavily guarded firstly by the Prussian King Frederick II and later by his successors for decades. After declassification of the map in 1901, it became possible to analyze this area for the next explorers of the history of the Silesian province. ; Thanks to the rich content which was placed on the next set of sheets, it is possible to remake the cultural landscape of the area in question at the end of the first and second half of the eighteenth century. Apart from the fact that von Wrede was exactly able to resolve the geographical environment (forests, lakes, rivers, relief). It is also a precise manner presented on the urban layout of the village. Created by the Prussian engineer topographic maps are the first images of the individual layout of the village, so you can still learn and present a typology of rural areas in this period. ; The most common spatial arrangements of the northern Silesia were villages with plans oval and small streets at that time. The spatial arrangement determined by the socio-economic relations allowed to create specific type of village called "Glogauer Angerdorf " in the area of Glogow. These villages are characterized by a triangular overhang and were built according to a plan. Maps created by von Wrede are the primary cartographic source of a detailed knowledge about the appearance of the cultural landscape and the layout of the village in the north of Silesia in the mid-eighteenth century.


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Studia Zachodnie, tom 17




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