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Krystians, Piotr


Dolański, Dariusz - red. ; Nitschke, Bernadetta - red.


Milicja obywatelska w powiecie zielonogórskim w latach 1945-1950 = Civic militia in the poviat of Zielona Gora in the years 1945-1950

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In Gremium, t. 4

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milicja ; powiat zielonogórski ; 1945-1950


The years 1945-1950 were the period of creation and development of the organisational and personal foundations as well as the development of activity methods of Civic Militia - a formation which constituted one pillar of the post-war force apparatus and which became the guard of the communist party's affairs (PPR - Polish Workers' Party / PZPR - Polish United Workers' Party). ; Systemic solutions introduced at that time (Civic Militia's subordination to the safety apparatus) caused thar apart from fulfilling basic tasks connected with prosecution of crimes and ensuring public order, the Civic Militia was included in the process of social, political and economic changes implemented by the communist authority. ; Civic Militia's entities organised in the poviat of Zielona Góra in June 1945, from the very beginning had to struggle with numerous problems and shortcomings in the following areas: personnel policy (offences and discipline breach performed by Civil Militia's officers), efficient training process, proper equipment and working conditions (means of transport, uniforms, salaries) all of which inevitably influenced the effectiveness of activities undertaken by this formation. ; Apart from fulfilling tasks aiming at detecting criminals and undertaking preventive measures, Civic Militia's entities in the poviat of Zielona Góra were used, in a lesser degree than entities in other regions, in repressive activities initiated by the authorities in the social and political fields (fight with the armed underground forces, political opposition suppression, repressions towards the Church) and economic sphere (fight with speculation,the countryside collectivisation).


Zielona Góra: Oficyna Wydawnicza Uniwersytetu Zielonogórskiego



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In Gremium : studia nad historią, kulturą i polityką, tom 4


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