International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science 2006

Volume 16 Number 1

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  Editorial Board and Information for Authors
  Aims and Scope

Special Section

•  Tatjewski P. and Lawrynczuk M. - Soft computing in model­based predictive control.

•  Koscielny J.M. and Syfert M. - Fuzzy diagnostic reasoning that takes into account
the uncertainty of the relation between faults and symptoms.

•  Piegat A. - What is not clear in fuzzy control systems?

•  Kosinski W. - On fuzzy number calculus.

•  Kowalczuk Z. and Bialaszewski T. - Niching mechanisms in evolutionary computations.

•  Witczak M. - Advances in model­based fault diagnosis with evolutionary algorithms
and neural networks.

•  Kasinski A. and Ponulak F. - Comparison of supervised learning methods for spike
|time coding in spiking neural networks.

Regular Section

•  Shumsky A. and Zhirabok A. - Nonlinear diagnostic filter design: Algebraic
and geometric points of view.

•  Sierociuk D. and Dzielinski A. - Fractional Kalman filter algorithm for the states,
parameters and order of fractional system estimation.

•  Kaczorek T. - An extension of the Cayley­Hamilton theorem for nonlinear
time­varying systems.

•  Kisilewicz J.W. and Grzybowski A. - Optimal erasures in decision­feedback equalization
for the Gaussian noise.

•  Hnatkowska B., Huzar Z. and Tuzinkiewicz L. - Refinement of UML collaborations.