International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science 2006

Volume 16 Number 4

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  Aims and Scope

•  Bresch D. and Koko J. - Operator­splitting and Lagrange multiplier domain decomposition methods for numerical simulation of two coupled navier­stokes fluids

•  Rachik M., Lhous M., El Kahlaoui O., Labriji E. and Jourhmane H. - A quadratic optimal control problem for a class of linear discrete distributed systems

•  Bochniak J., Gałkowski K., Rogers E. and Kummert A. - Robust stabilization of discrete linear repetitive processes with switched dynamics

•  El Mouatasim A., Ellaia R. and Souza de Cursi J.E. - Random perturbation of the variable metric method for unconstrained nonsmooth nonconvex optimization

•  Abdessemed F., Monacelli E. and Benmahammed K. - A learning paradigm for motion control of mobile manipulators

•  Przewoźniczek M. and Walkowiak K. - Quasi­hierarchical evolution algorithm for flow assignment in survivable connection­oriented networks

•  Michalak K. and Kwaśnicka H. - Correlation­based feature selection strategy in classification problems

•  Strumiłło P. and Strzelecki M. - Application of coupled neural oscillators for image texture segmentation and modeling of biological rhythms

•  Glentis G.­O. and Georgoulakis K. - Pipelined architectures for the frequency domain linear equalizer

•  Moghrabi I. - Guided local search for query reformulation using weight propagation

•  Aswani Kumar Ch. and Srinivas S. - Latent semantic indexing using eigenvalue