International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science 2006

Volume 16 Number 3

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  Editorial Board and Information for Authors
  Aims and Scope

•  Kowalewski A. and Krakowiak A. - Time­optimal boundary control of a parabolic
system with time lags given in integral form

•  Zhirabok A. - Analysis of some dual properties in discrete dynamic systems

•  Petersen I.R. - Minimax LQG control

•  Kaczorek T. - A realization problem for positive continuous­time systems
with reduced numbers of delays

•  Röbenack K. and Lynch A.F. - Observer design using a partial nonlinear observer
canonical form

•  Chin C.S., Lau M.W.S., Low E. and Seet G.G.L. - A robust controller design
method and stability analysis of an underactuated underwater vehicle

•  Czabański R. - Extraction of fuzzy rules using deterministic annealing integrated
with e ­insensitive learning

•  Czekalski P. - Evolution­fuzzy rule based system with parameterized consequences

•  Clempner J. - Modeling shortest path games with Petri nets:
A Lyapunov based theory

•  Katarzyniak R.P. - On some properties of grounding nonuniform sets of modal